My Story

I am a believer, forgiven but still faulty. The better half ;-) married to my superhero. A mom/cheerleader/cook/taxi/guide/example to my favorite humans. A home educator of dreamers. and Maker.

When you are so many things at once it is sometimes hard to remember to take care of Your self.

I was getting overwhelmed and burned out because I was not making enough time to nourish my Self. We had moved recently and my Tribe was no longer close to me, I craved connection. I wanted to do something that would put me around people with similar interests.

So, I started pottery.

To make time for myself, to Learn something new and to connect with other creatives and makers. I did all these things and it became a Passion for me. It was so easy for me to Love it right from the start. I was in a shop that Values people and that was refreshing! I started spending more time there. That time plus the creative outlet was just what I needed for my Soul. Loving what I was learning made it easy for me to Connect with others.

I never looked back once I started because it Feeds my soul on so many levels.

The business side happened very Organically. I had not intended on selling my work in the beginning. I really feel like I kinda tripped into selling. I had walked into a local Collective to shop and left with an appointment to audition my work. Long story short, I was selling my work! It was a great learning Experience for me, but the shop was too far of a drive for me to have a consistence presence. I still wanted to feel Connected. I want my buyers to feel connected.

I want You to be able to Communicate with me directly.

Lucky for me the owner of the shop where I took classes moonlights as a business coach and she is hyped AF about other people’s success! I needed to start an Online Business and she had the background, patience and wisdom to Guide me. It is a labor of love and I did it with the love and support from Everyone around me. Your tribe is Essential. They keep you Strong and Confident. I would not have had to Guts to do it without God’s love, my family and My tribe.